Spring specials

My mom just left after two and a half weeks here, and it was wonderful and sad and filled with adventures. I loved having her here. Among the highlights:

Passover weekend at the bf’s parents – wine, wine, wine, TONS of food and we even got to drive around some of the area, including this lake/former waterfall that you have to hike down into. I did it in flip flops, thankyouverymuch.

Kibbutz bonanza – memorial for my grandfather, who passed away four years ago, beach with my cousin, more yummy food. Came back to Jerusalem with a nasty sunburn and a full belly!

Bread-making during Passover (but don’t tell the religious folks, it’s kind of totally against the rules) – and it was damn good, if I may say so myself!

Quality time with my mom and my friends – they love her almost as much as I do!

American Colony Hotel – beautiful, and great to sit with my former roomie and her mom

Terrible sushi experience – never go to Japanica in Jerusalem: the service brings a whole new level to suckiness and the food isn’t even all that good.

Wonderful tapas – mom, bf and I had an amazing dinner at Sol, and it makes me glad that they like each other :). I think this visit gave him a first glimpse into where I come from, and that I didn’t just drop out of the sky with no family or history, so that was a good thing.

I made jam! and it’s yummy! I’m turning so domestic….

Old City – with mom and my bestest, including the best hummus in the world, of course! I really like the Old City, I should go more often.

And everything in between. It was a much-needed visit. Her leaving was hard though. Really hard. On a day-to-day basis, I am able to live alone (without my family), and not miss them too much. It’s never easy, and thank goodness I have my friends and the bf, who make up my surrogate family here, but you find a way to cope with the life you’ve built for yourself. With my mom here, I actually had the real thing, so her leaving was even more painful because in the separation I understood that as amazing as my surrogate family is, there is nothing like the people who are actually my blood, and who have known me for all the years I’ve been alive. I’ve brought this life upon myself, however, and there’s no turning back. And I wouldn’t exchange my moms visits for anything in the world.

So back to the grind of regular life. This week includes Israeli independence day, which should be interesting. Bush is coming to my city. Great. The whole place gets shut down – when he came in January, all the streets in the center of the city were completely closed down, and I don’t suppose this time will be any different. I can’t believe I moved across the planet and he STILL finds ways to mess up my daily life. Anyhow if anything interesting happens, I shall report.


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