Not a cold weather person

They say it’s going to snow this week here in Jerusalem, and I have to say, I hope it doesn’t. I want sunshine and warmth – not icy cold. Especially since I am sick and it feels like I’m coughing up a lung all day long.

And it turns out there’s a reason we haven’t been getting the central heating that’s supposed to be working in our apartment – the pipes for the water heater are totally rotten and that’s why the wall in our living room is soaked and there is mold there and on the ceiling. Yummy, huh? Could also be part of why I’m so sick. So here I sit, listening to them drill our wall down in the other room while I’m supposed to be working (which is the last thing I want to do right now but you can’t exactly call in sick when you work at home, can you?).

Then I think about Dave, and how it’s better to be sick and cold and living in an apartment that was mold-infested and is now getting drilled apart than it is to be dead. So here’s to you, mate – I’ll try to minimize my whining, for you.


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One response to “Not a cold weather person

  1. imalea

    I’m sad with you mamale’, about Dave that is gone. It’s shocking to find out about someone’s death – especially when it’s a first in your life’s experience. And to add the cold, being sick and the rotten pipes = Not a good combination!!
    So remember all the loving hearts that follow your journey with warm support… especially mine, that loves you A LOT, a lot, a lot.
    neshikot, ima

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