Starting this up again

It has been a long while since I’ve written – and a long time since I’ve felt inspired to write. But I’m getting it back, so let’s see how it goes this time around.

There have been a lot of changes in my life while I wasn’t writing. I quit my job, visited San Francisco, moved in with my boyfriend when I got back here, started several new jobs, and have found a dream job that I will be starting a week from Sunday. It has been a challenging and wonderful time, with more ups and downs than I ever would have thought I could want. Working from home, in the apartment I’m still getting used to living with my boyfriend, is not a great idea. Winter sucks and I HATE being cold. But I love it all, in the end. I am more committed to this relationship than I ever have been before, I love him more than I’ve ever loved any guy I was seeing, I have great friends and I’m going to be starting a job I didn’t dare dream of finding.

Well that’s the basic update. I hope to continue posting more often, since I do love this and miss it. I’m back in the game!


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