white rice and ketchup

Back when I was living in the dorms, sometimes I would just have white rice and ketchup for dinner. Either that, or Lucky Charms. (It wasn’t the healthiest of times in my life.) While I have moved on to exploring actual food groups, the rice and ketchup combo remains a comfort food for me.

Big times are coming up in my life. New job(s), visiting the US for the first time in over a year, and the biggest: I’m moving in with my guy.

This is a good thing. It is also huge. We have not been together for very long, but it feels… right. Of course, there are a million concerns – is it too much too soon, what about when we fight, how are we going to handle the financial burden, what if he decides I’m too much (or not enough), what if (enter any paranoid and/or valid thought here), etc. It still feels right.

There has been some friend drama. I messed up telling one of the dearest people to me, and I can’t make it better. But we will be ok, because our friendship is more than my fuckup. And I’m glad. I’m going to need all the support I can get!

I’m happy and scared and excited and cautious and everything all at once. It’s a tumultuous time for me.

So I had white rice with ketchup tonight. And everything’s gonna be all right.



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4 responses to “white rice and ketchup

  1. imalea

    Dearest ever,
    how about BROWN rice and … ?
    I’m excited to see you!!!
    hamon neshikot, ima

  2. sterling duncan

    i am so happy to see that at least one person feels the same about ketchup and white rice!!!!!!! College was the time when all i could afford was to walk to the chineese store and order a pint of white rice with ketchup packets, and now even as a carrer man whenever i have white rice its a must that i have my ketchup.

  3. Madelyn

    I ate rice and ketchup growing up and people seem to find it a bit odd that I prefer ketchup over soy sauce on my rice 🙂 It’s definitely a comfort food…

  4. Jackie

    My mom used to make rice, ketchup and cheese(velveeta) when I was little and I still love it now. I am acutally making it for my kids for dinner tonight!

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