Beachtime observations and musings

Tisha B’Av is a very serious holiday in Judaism, more of a day of mourning and suffering than a holiday, actually. The religious take it very seriously. Because I had the day off work, I went to the beach.

Something that people who have never been to Israel may not know is that Israelis have a very… different… standard for what is appropriate. Including at the beach. It is not uncommon to see men at the beach in just their underwear. Not swim suit or trunks or speedo; underwear. So there I was at the beach, and this old man finished sunning and swimming and went to rinse off at the fresh-water showers out on the sand. When he finished, he took off his speedo/underwear (I wasn’t close enough to tell, but ew either way) – he was totally naked, out there in the open – and proceeded to get dressed, in the middle of the beach.

Rock on, old man. Rock on.


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