Purim. The holiday God gave the Jews to get dressed up in rediculous costumes, drink it up, and generally have a grand old time.




it’s all fun and games, until a policeman gets stabbed. At that point, eat felafel and go home to bed and stop trying to pull a mission impossible, crawling through windows and sneaking overhead and dropping in on the party from above. but that’s just my 2 cents.

by the way, 1-liter bottles of beer for 12 shekels: GREAT idea. dried octopus and fish: GROSS. I didn’t partake in the latter, I’m just saying. Those people (they know who they are) may never get allowed close to a female again, and they can’t say they haven’t received a warning. ew.

To sum it all up – party in the shuk: RAD. and that is all.


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