I started my new job this week. It seems to be going well so far. The people are nice  – really different (from me, what I’m used to working with, and each other), but good people. I hadn’t really wanted to work in a “Jewish” organization, and so of course I sit in a room the the other writer, who is an older religious woman. Naturally. She’s actually really sweet and knows a ton about project proposal writing, so it’s fine. I know I’ll learn a lot from her, professionally and as someone who lives a totally different lifestyle from me. She’s even invited me to her daughter’s wedding! She was like, Want to experience some realculture shock? and laughing as she handed me the invitation. Apparently there’s no masking my raging hippie-kibbutznik liberalism. I want to go, I think it will be like anything I’ve ever seen!

It’s a little weird, working at such a large organization – or maybe I’m just being paranoid. But it’s definitely not like working at a smaller place. The writing, however, is awesome. I’ve already written concept papers, project proposals, and even an ad/article/marketing piece that will be in a major newspaper! The projects have been really cool and interesting so far, and I’m getting positive feedback on my performance, so I don’t think they regret hiring me (yet, anyways). I know that I have a lot to learn, and I’m really excited about all of it. Plus the nature of the organization is such that even though my writing will be in English, I will be speaking and reading in Hebrew every day (writing, too, if I want). Maybe finally, literacy will be mine! I have questions and uncertainties too of course, but I guess I’ll not worry about them and deal with the less-pleasant things if/when they come up.

The brief era of having one roomie and a semi-salon (living room, I believe it is called in the US and A) is over. A new girl moved in this week, another art student replacing the one who moved out a couple weeks ago. She seems really cute and sweet, if a bit hyper-productive. In a good way. She’s a kibbutznikit, so of course that means a) she’s Good People, and b) my mom approves already. It’s always an adjustment to have changes in your home environment, especially when it means getting to know a stranger who is living in what you really want to be your living room. But I think (hope) this will be good. Plus, her English isn’t very good – another factor in the Israeli-Hebrewfication of Mika!

The other night, my roomie (the old one – the new one went to the kibbutz for the weekend) decided to have a “Swiss night.” There was fondue, Swiss pancake-crepes, wine and a coconut. The coconut was just because she thought it was cute. Not because it’s Swiss. Because it’s not. Duh. Moving along….

The food was delicious, the company was great, and a fun time was had by all. We stuffed ourselves silly with food that should only be eaten in small quantities and drank all kinds of wine before tackling the coconut. I was the resident expert, being the only one who has had coconut in the Pacific. And yes, I did crack that sucker open with a hammer, preserving the juice and covering the room with coconut hair and debris. Everyone was very impressed and I felt very tough. Then I won 2 games of TAKI (like an Israeli version of Uno, but not really all that much like Uno at all), washed a million dishes, and went to bed. All in all, a pretty successful night.

Oh and I forgot to report – now that the new roomie has moved in, the mattresses of the roomie who moved out have no place to rest. They are bigger than my bed, so I thought of buying them. “Try before you buy,” they say, so I am – they are now resting on top of my bed. Meaning my sleeping arrangement now looks something like the Princess and the Pea. Minus the pea, of course. But really, it reaches about mid-chest level. It’s pretty rad. I might keep it this way.


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