Part of this whole journey in Israel has been exploring the questions “Who am I,” “What are the values/ideals that I need/want to prioritize in my adult life?” And while these are explorations that can be conducted anywhere, I don’t think they’re as forced or raw as they are here in Israel, and especially here in Jerusalem. There is no escaping these questions.

Sitting in my friend’s house the other night, 4 bottles of wine amongst 4 people: an American anti-Zionist, a Palestinian, a Lithuanian-Russian, and me – talking about everything from nudism to the hypocricy of left-wingers to why wasn’t I born in Uzbekistan?? – There is nothing more life-affirming and self-developing. Even walking home with a scarf wrapped around my head like a babushka, an old soccer ball under one arm and an umbrella under the other: rediculous? Yes. But so is everything. In Israel, there just aren’t pretenses to the contrary.


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  1. imalea

    …and why do you call this little jam-article rambling???
    All right, I’ll say it again: you Are a talented (and often funny) writer, Mik.
    ohevet otach meod………

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