bits and pieces

On Saturday evening, after approximately 2.77 uses, the 10 shekel umbrella was retired to the dumpster. It looked like someone had taken a (really ugly-patterned) plastic bag and tried to stretch it over the metal framework of an old and broken umbrella frame – complete with loose flaps flying in the wind and random holes in the middle, thus defeating the purpose of holding one of these contraptions over your head. I thought briefly of keeping it, just for the memories, but…….no. Rest in piece, my ugly but beloved 10-shek umbrella.

I have a major problem with the car-drivers of Jerusalem. Well actually I have a number of problems with them, but I’ll only address one right now. And that is, when the weekend comes, they seem to feel that sidewalks are no longer needed and they can feel free to drive right on up there, park the car, and leave it that way for the WHOLE WEEKEND. Now I don’t know about you, but my need for a sidewalk does not diminish over Shabbat. Especially when it is raining and cars are splashing up nasty street water all over the place and THE SIDEWALK IS MADE FOR PEOPLE. To WALK. On the SIDE of the road. It is not a place for cars with owners too lazy to find proper parking. Maybe I should put up notices.

 Have I mentioned that I am struggling with my first real winter ever? Last night, coming home from the gym, I was wearing:

  • running tights
  • warmup pants
  • Under Armor cold gear long sleeve shirt
  • thick long sleeve Cal Poly Lacrosse shirt
  • puffy vest
  • Cal Poly lacrosse jacket
  • scarf
  • beanie

It’s COLD, people! And it’s not even snowing! I was thinking about it yesterday, and I think I can say with some confidence that I will never live in a place that snows every winter. I love the sunshine and outdoors, but not when it’s so cold all I can think about is how soon I can be inside and warm again and never go outside until warm weather has returned.

And finally, master of disaster act XLIVCD-28,34587: I decided it would be nice to put on warm pajama pants last night (I had been outside and was still recovering from the above-mentioned problem with the cold), so I rested them on top of the little space heater I’ve -ahem- borrowed from my roommate. I turned around to do something, and when I turned back, there was smoke. I quickly pulled the pjs off the heater. There was a little fire. No worries, I am excellent in situations like this. I held the smoldering pjs in one hand, and smothered out the embers with the other. I could be a firefighter……


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  1. XUP

    Ha! I posted today about idiots parking on the sidewalk, too. I had enough though and went and pounded on their door and demanded they move their big stupid car. We should all start doing that.

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