The World, today

I was reading the Melbourne daily paper The Age, as I do, and I was struck by some of the events going on around the world. A few of the highlights:

Australian Prime Minister John Howard and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark have been banned from Fiji. Am I the only one who finds this rediculous? They’ll just vacation in Tahiti or something! hahahaha

 A crack “kingpin” was found guilty in New York of paying some gangsters to kill some other gangsters. Now, this guy sounds like one scary mofo. But I don’t know what a kingpin is – it sounds like a bowling term. Note to self: stay away from the bowling alleys in the crack-infested areas of Queens. And the gangsters.

An Australian guy who has been jailed all over the world for fraud has been sentenced to 6 weeks in jail and fined 120,000 vatu (AUS$1,400) for entering the south Pacific island nation on Vanuatu illegally. He’s wanted in other countries for fraud charges, but it is still unclear whether he will be deported and/or extradited upon release. I don’t know why.

Los Angeles: “Burglers Stuff Chihuahua into Freezer.” in addition to the burglery charges, the criminals are going to be charged with animal creulty and etc. hm. Under California law, animal cruelty can be punishable by a 1-year jail term and a fine of up to US$20,000 (AUS$25,800).

Yellow and orange snow with a “musty odor” has fallen in Siberia. Officials are investigating. In the meantime, “Residents are advised not to use snow for their household or technical needs…”

 Local reports say that China has been secretly “harboring” the oldest son of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in Macau, a special-status part of China (like Hong Kong). “In contrast to the deprived conditions, and in some cases starvation, suffered by most North Korean citizens, Mr Kim spends much of his time wining, dining and gambling in Macau’s growing number of casinos and slot machine parlours, and travels frequently to the mainland and abroad using passports from the Dominican Republic and Portugal, the paper said.” Apparently this may break talks between China and North Korea – and China is widely viewed as the country with the most ability to influence North Korean policy and activity.

A woman in Brazil has been accused of murdering her husband, who won a multimillion dollar lottery before they had gotten married. She says she’s innocent. All his assets go to her and a daughter.

So, to recap: two world leaders have been banned by a country nobody pays attention to unless they want to go on a beautiful, cheap vacation in the South Pacific, a druglord gangster was found guilty of conspiracy for murder and called bowling names, a terminal fraudster was jailed for 6 weeks and fined almost nothing and may not be deported from that country – while burglers in California might be jailed for a year and fined $20,000 for just doing what we all would like to do to the most annoying dog on the planet, it’s snowing yellow and orange in Siberia and officials think people use snow for domestic and technical activities, North Korea might continue their plans to take over the world because talks might break down between them and the Chinese because of the embarrassment of the North Korean dictator’s loser son, and a beautiful young widow in Brazil has been accused of having her old druggie lottery-winning husband murdered.

And people say things are messed up in the Middle East!


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