spam cares

Recently, the junk-mail filters at work were finally fixed so that I no longer get 500 spam emails per day (literally – sometimes I would get even more). It’s an amazing relief when there are only 10-25 emails waiting for me in the morning.

However, there is something that I miss about the spam emails. Amongst the invitations to enlargen appendages I’m not in possession of and solicitations for funds I don’t have, were emails asking how my day was going, telling me that I’m beautiful, and “just checking in.” Now that is great spam! I loved getting those subject lines, as if there was really someone on the sending end who really gave a flying you-know-what about my day or self esteem. Now, there are no emails like that. No random “You’re so beautiful,” “Hope you’re having a great day!” or anything.

I’m not saying that spam is good or nice. But it always made me smile when I saw those cheery buggers waiting in my inbox. I’ll miss you a little, happy spam.


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