… albeit barely. No matter – the Congress was a success, people had a great time and I’m feeling really positive about the future of the organization. This next week will be meetings with the Executive Board, which will also be hard and tiring and etc. Hopefully they will go well though, and then maybe life can finally get back to normal.

The event itself was overwhelming – I hardly slept, ate, or exercized because I was just all over the place. It was really, really fun to meet people who are really the same age as I am, hang out and party and talk about whatever. I so rarely have that kind of opportunity, living in Jerusalem, that it was a reminder of what life outside of this city is like. I feel professionally satisfied, I had fun, and there are no words to express how relived I am that it’s all over. Darn those meetings still hanging over my head!

It was very interesting to be at a conference all about Judaism and Zionism, when I myself have a somewhat alternative perspective. I didn’t get into it that much, and I didn’t attend any of the lectures (too busy working), but I wonder about what kind of rhetoric I just participated in dissemenating to these young people who are quite eager to soak up whatever Jewish/Zionist ideology is thrown at them. Not that they aren’t capable of their own independent, intelligent thought, but there are sides that they aren’t getting exposed to at conferences like these. I did have a couple of conversations that I think had a few of them thinking about some of the issues a little differently, but I don’t know. I think that the more information given, the better, even if that information is somewhat critical. I guess it’s a little late to be thinking this, but I don’t know what could have been done differently, anyways.

I’ve spent most of the time since I arrived home sleeping. I have one thing I have to do today, and then I’m going back to sleep. I was told this morning (afternoon) that it’s good to see that the circles under my eyes have been reduced from black to purple, and that my face has enough color in it again such that it’s possible to see my freckles. It would be more hilarious if it weren’t true, haha.

That’s all I have mental capability for, at the moment.


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  1. האיש של מזג האויר

    It’s sad how naive this sounds now…

    Miss you babe!


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