NOT a 98-pound weakling

… and yet:

I was carrying my laundry home this morning, and this man walking past me asked if I needed any help. He was really concerned, and seemed upset when I told him that I was fine. Ok, he could have just been a little off. But then about 10 meters up the sidewalk, this man steps to the very side of the sidewalk to let me pass, looking at me with a very worried expression as if I was going to stumble all over the sidewalk and crumble underneath the weight of 7 kilos of socks and t-shirts. What the hell.

(did anyone else note that I just referred to distance in METERS and weight in KILOS? It’s called assimilation, people!)


In other non 98-pound weakling news, I had another Israeli first today. Winter in Israel is a time of… winter stuff. Hannukah in the US has become this huge holiday to give the Jews something to do during the Christmas madness, but in Israel it’s hardly even something people notice, unless you have kids. However, there is one thing that Israeli Hannukah has that US Hannukah doesn’t (in my experience, anyways): sufgania. What is that?you might ask, after realizing I didn’t just sneeze. Well, sufgania is a special Hannukah donut, filled with jelly and covered in powdered sugar. I don’t know how or why or what or who or anything about the things, except that they are a specifically Hannukah-related food (like latkes. only not.) that is quite delicious. And by quite I mean YUMOHWOWTHISISSOGOODIMUSTHAVEMOREBUTMIGHTHAVEAHEART-ATTACKIFIDO kind of way. They are morbidly unhealthy, which is why it is part of non 98-pound weakling news. But delicious. And I had my first one ever today, at the shuk. Did I mention that they are really tantalizing to the pallate? I had mine after drinking AMAZING coffee, eating felafel and buying all the veggies I needed in about 15 min (it’s cause I have superhero boots. I don’t even need to be wearing them to retain some of the powers).


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One response to “NOT a 98-pound weakling

  1. ima

    Mik that’s why I go for the sugar raised donut when I need to choose…
    Your writing is funny and yummy!
    hamon neshikot,

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