Gratitude and other things

A very good friend of mine here in J-town is going through some really tough times. She called me the other night freaking out, and we met at Slow Moshe’s (a hole in the wall/pub – but more hole in the wall than pub) for drinks and deep talks, tears and laughs. As much as I absolutely hate seeing her in pain, I am also grateful that she is letting me be a part of her struggles and vulnerability and humanness.

We went into all kinds of deep stuff, including both of our (different) self-destructive behaviors. And as scary as it is to hear about someone else’s crap, it is also an honor to be trusted with the information. It is amazing to feel the depth and strength of our friendship.

After our meeting I was scared, exhilerated, tired, and felt tinglingly alive. It was liberating to talk about my own struggles – and to have someone understand so completely but with a different expression of all the same feelings, meant a ton. Despite, or actually because of all this, I just appreciate this friend all the more. I admire her humannes, her suffering, and her ability to share it. It’s amazing to fall in love, to realize you’re in love – even when this is not a romantic thing, but a great lifelong friendship.


In other news, I saw Friar Tuck at the supermarket today. Only in Jerusalem. So if Robin Hood comes looking, you know what direction to point him.


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  1. hi mika it’s keira have a blog now please message me it’s called tentennity but i guess you already knew that ‘cuz it must say my name somewhere on the message oh well hope you’re having fun send me a picture of your superboots.

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