You’re only as old as they tell you

Apparently, I’m not really 23.27 (I did the math based on the date my parents told me I popped out). I took a test, and it told me:

Today, December 7, 2006, your RealAge is 21.4! But you could be younger — in as few as 90 days. Simply follow your personalized recommendations in My RealAge Plan.

Among the things making me younger is my superstarstellar fruit-eating habits. However, the fact that I don’t own a dog apparently ages me. Because everyone knows that dogs have magical youthgiving powers that they use when the owners are sleeping.

Now, a couple things on this. A) Should I be concerned that this test told me that I am actually younger than what my birth certificate says (and a number of witnesses) – and still wants me to be younger? I’m not that old, too many good habits and I’ll find myself in diapers again.

B) I read their recommendations, including to eat more veggies, reduce my stress levels, and increase certain foods and vitamins in my diet. Assuming that works, I will probably be walking around with a REAL age of 17-20 or thereabouts. The questions are then: a) what 17-20 year old has these kind of habits? None. How old are the 17-20 year-olds then, REALLY? Is our current method of aging people based on the number of years they have been on the planet, flawed? What do these people know that we don’t?; and b) do I really want to be 17-20 again? I seem to recall far fewer healthy habits and far more unhealthy ones. So if I went back to that age, would I have to relive all that? And then what would that do to my REAL age? I might get tired from all the age gain and loss.


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  1. imale

    Miki I got a headach… the main thing is Mira’s boots… princess of Light still needs to send me the pix
    milion neshikot, ima

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