not just boots

I finally found a pair of boots. Tall and black and with a bit of spunk.

Now here’s the thing. These aren’t just a regular pair of boots. They are superhero boots. When I put them on I feel a little tingle (no, they don’t pinch my toes) – like all of a sudden I can take on the world. When I wear them with pants it’s like I’m a female Clark Kent – no one knows what badass boots I have on, but I do. When I show them to people, they’re like Whoa, those are some BOOTS. And I say yes I know, they are superhero boots. And they nod and agree because there’s no denying it. Next time there is cause to dress up in costume, I’ll wear them with stockings and a cape and everyone might think I’m in costume, but really it will be the boots truly expressing themselves, and no one should be surprised if I fly away or beat up a bad guy or something. The only thing is that the boots can’t talk, so I’m not sure what my superhero name should be….


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