9 months

I arrived in Israel 9 months ago today. If I was really on top of the game, I could have had an Israeli baby today.

That was a weird observation.

The plane arrived in Ben Gurion airport at something rediculous like 3am. My cousin and uncle met me at the airport, with my cousin holding a boquet of flowers. As we drove to the kibbutz we talked about Israel stuff, and my uncle decided I could join the Israeli government for finance or something (hm, thanks but I think I’ll pass on that one). I got to the house of the family friends I was staying at – they’re like surrogate grandparents – at about 5, and I thought I would just sleep for a couple hours and get into the new time zone asap. I woke up at 3 pm. And my life in Israel began.

Since then I’ve worked hard at making a life for myself here. Well anyways it’s documented here, so I don’t need to go over it all. But it feels pretty cool to be able to look back over the last 9 months and see how much I’ve accomplished. It doesn’t feel like it has been so much time – I guess when things are going well, the time just flies by. I remember before I left, I was freaking out a little, so I decided that if it was terrible, I would be okay with coming home after 3 months. I guess it hasn’t been so bad! Well you know, except for the Bituach Leumi (National Health Insurance). They are arseholes.

Speaking of those friendly demons, my roomie has been grappling with their tentacles recently. She owes them some money (who doesn’t?), and when she went to deal with it, the bitch at the counter told her that the reposessors should be coming to our flat any day now. So we’ve been laughing about what the hell these guys could take that would be worth anything. I told her to tell them that the big ugly metal closet on my balcony was hers, since I don’t know how to get rid of it and it would be nice if they could do it for me. And our oven sucks, so we thought to give that to them, as well. Too bad it turns out those guys aren’t coming, in the end. It could be like spring cleaning. Except, you know, in December.

I read the other day about a survey that found that people are happier when they look at other human faces first thing in the morning. It is recommended to get an hour of face-to-face time in the am. Since I never see the roomies in the morning and I’m the first to arrive at the office, I’ve usually been up for about 2 hours before I really really see/interact with anyone. Maybe that’s why I’m so… charming… in the morning.

And to sum it all up: “However, I do blow an excellent raspberry.” I don’t know what the beginning part of this conversation covered, but I give the roomie 234834 bonus points for using her raspberry-blowing skills as a balance¬†against anything. hahahahaha


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