How am I supposed to be able to control my life if I can’t even control my hair??

 and on that note, I have noticed a disturbing trend. There are some men in this country (I don’t know if this is happening elsewhere?) who grow their hair out long – not longlong, but long-ish – and then hold it back with a headband. Now I know I’m all about gender equalization and if a man wants to use a headband he should be able to, but really. It looked stupid when women were doing it in the 80s, and only looks worse on these men today. I just don’t even have anything else to say about that.

 Work’s going full steam ahead (doesn’t that sound pleasant? it’s not), and I have a hefty freelance editing job that I landed (thank you roomie I love you!), so it’s been busy. And by busy I mean superhectic craziness. Plus another article I’ve been killing myself over – but my editor said it’s good enough for her to get started on, so it’s on its way! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops when that one comes out.

My parents and friends have been really awesome while I’ve been freaking out about work and everything. I really, really appreciate it and I’m feeling much better. It means everything to know that my friends here will do everything they can to support me, and that my parents are thinking about me and the importance of what I’m going through – like when my dad reminded me of how much I have going on in Israel outside of one stressful job. Just knowing that I have that support makes it all easier to deal with. Of course, it also helps when I get gems like this:

“I am a Harasser. Actually to be specific, I am a Mika Harasser. I don’t do this for everybody, you know.”

My mother, my harasser. Is this like having a Decider to make decisions for you, but a Harasser to… harass? I’m so lucky.


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