Thursday, while you were preparing to feast

It was Thursday night over here. Yes, I am aware that it was like 2 days ago. I’m a little slow, ok?

I met 2 friends at a cafe. We chatted and whatnot while they finished their drinks, and then left to go find some Good Times in J-town. Another friend had left his keys when he went to someplace else, so we started out dropping those off. We decided not to stay there, lovely and cozy as it was. As we wandered and debated where to go, we stumbled upon…… a party in the street. Complete with a DJ, 15 shekel beers, and people dancing around like idiots. So of course we joined right in. I tell you, this city never fails to surprise.

After that, we went to some superdodgy gross bar – and left after about 2.3 seconds. The next place was tiny, but had a dog and an extremely impressive alcohol collection. It impressed me, in any case. Work talk came up (as it will), so we changed scenery yet again and went to a third (fourth? fifth?) place, after which I came home, ate some marshmallows, and went to bed.

 I am thankful that I have friends to go out with, and that I live in this random-ass city with random parties in the street. I give thanks for marshmallows, too. And coffee and felafel, but I didn’t have those on Thursday night. But I did on Friday, and it was directly related to Thursday night, so I’ll give them a shout out here, also.


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