An Ode to the Mall

I absolutely, without a doubt, totally and completely hate malls. They are gargantuan buildings whose sole purpose is to overwhelm you with loud music and flashy clothes, then zap you of all energy and completely depress you until you are so desperate to escape that you will buy anything just to feel good enough about the waste of life time you’ve spent there to leave.

I dislike trendy stuff as a general rule – and Israeli trendy stuff is even worse. People are so desperate to fit in that everything looks the same and costs too much because they will pay anything to feel cool. Women shove by without even the pretense of politeness and I can literally feel the energy and happiness fleeing my body and the building as fast as possible.

I abhor this place.

And I didn’t even find boots.

I had better not get any fatter or skinnier because I don’t ever want to go shopping again. And while I’m at it, I’ll stop walking so I don’t wear out the shoes I do have. F— it, I’ll go live on a beach where all I’ll need is a bathing suit for the rest of my life. I’ll never wear shoes again, let alone boots because I won’t need anything between the bare soles of my feet and the sand. Consumerism is the end of humanity and I, for one, am boycotting.


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One response to “An Ode to the Mall

  1. ima

    Go girl! that was intense.

    I wish I could be there with you to mix some shopping with a bit fun stuff, so you don’t end up naked/bare feet – and/or traumatized for life…

    Love you hamon, ima

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