2 great things!

1. I got a package, I got a package, I got a package, hey hey hey hey! complete with slippers, beer mug, a sweatshirt, and candy to keep me warm. My mom is the best ever!

 2. The heaters got turned on! It has really turned into winter, and the cold makes for one unhappy Mika. So you can imagine my joy when I realized that my heater was on.

In many apartment buildings around here, there is something called the Vaad Bayit, who is like the building manager – they collect payments for the stairwell cleaning, elevator operation, and… turning the heating on and off. Primitive as it sounds, I do not have control over the heater in my room or anywhere else in the apartment, for that matter. I am experiencing extreme joy at the sudden operation of my heater, as if a gift from above.

ok actually, 3 great things. The third:

Krembo. This sweet Israeli concoction of marshmallow-y goodness combined with a soft cookie, all dipped in a chocolate shell, is a winter-only treat that I have just discovered and immediately fell in love with. In 23 years of Israeli citizenship, I was never introduced to this, and I place direct blame on all my cousins and childhood friends on the kibbutz. I got upset with my mom initially, since she is the primary Israeli in my life and as such, it is her duty to expose me to such things, but then I realized that a) mothers don’t generally condone such extreme sweet treats for their children, so she probably just counted herself lucky that I didn’t know well enough to ask for it, and b) she didn’t like Krembo, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t give me something she herself doesn’t like the taste of. I had a brief moment of mourning for all the years of Krembo-induced sugar highs I missed out on, and have moved on to taking advantage of the ready availability and affordability of my new favorite part of winter.


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  1. imale

    …lots of Krembo-kisses to you

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