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How am I supposed to be able to control my life if I can’t even control my hair??

 and on that note, I have noticed a disturbing trend. There are some men in this country (I don’t know if this is happening elsewhere?) who grow their hair out long – not longlong, but long-ish – and then hold it back with a headband. Now I know I’m all about gender equalization and if a man wants to use a headband he should be able to, but really. It looked stupid when women were doing it in the 80s, and only looks worse on these men today. I just don’t even have anything else to say about that.

 Work’s going full steam ahead (doesn’t that sound pleasant? it’s not), and I have a hefty freelance editing job that I landed (thank you roomie I love you!), so it’s been busy. And by busy I mean superhectic craziness. Plus another article I’ve been killing myself over – but my editor said it’s good enough for her to get started on, so it’s on its way! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops when that one comes out.

My parents and friends have been really awesome while I’ve been freaking out about work and everything. I really, really appreciate it and I’m feeling much better. It means everything to know that my friends here will do everything they can to support me, and that my parents are thinking about me and the importance of what I’m going through – like when my dad reminded me of how much I have going on in Israel outside of one stressful job. Just knowing that I have that support makes it all easier to deal with. Of course, it also helps when I get gems like this:

“I am a Harasser. Actually to be specific, I am a Mika Harasser. I don’t do this for everybody, you know.”

My mother, my harasser. Is this like having a Decider to make decisions for you, but a Harasser to… harass? I’m so lucky.


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Thursday, while you were preparing to feast

It was Thursday night over here. Yes, I am aware that it was like 2 days ago. I’m a little slow, ok?

I met 2 friends at a cafe. We chatted and whatnot while they finished their drinks, and then left to go find some Good Times in J-town. Another friend had left his keys when he went to someplace else, so we started out dropping those off. We decided not to stay there, lovely and cozy as it was. As we wandered and debated where to go, we stumbled upon…… a party in the street. Complete with a DJ, 15 shekel beers, and people dancing around like idiots. So of course we joined right in. I tell you, this city never fails to surprise.

After that, we went to some superdodgy gross bar – and left after about 2.3 seconds. The next place was tiny, but had a dog and an extremely impressive alcohol collection. It impressed me, in any case. Work talk came up (as it will), so we changed scenery yet again and went to a third (fourth? fifth?) place, after which I came home, ate some marshmallows, and went to bed.

 I am thankful that I have friends to go out with, and that I live in this random-ass city with random parties in the street. I give thanks for marshmallows, too. And coffee and felafel, but I didn’t have those on Thursday night. But I did on Friday, and it was directly related to Thursday night, so I’ll give them a shout out here, also.

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Giving Thanks

So today is Thanksgiving, probably my favorite US holiday. It is the one time I will admit (maybe even a little proudly) that I’m American – bring on the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

But this year, I didn’t get the day off work. I’m not eating turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. I don’t have any American friends to commiserate with over past overindulgences at the Thanksgiving dinner table or fun family fiascoes. I showed up at work this morning like any other Thursday and worked (more than) a full day – life as usual sans holiday.

Even though I don’t get to feast, I would still like to give thanks. I am grateful for my friends and family (in the US and Israel), for my health, for employment so that I had somewhere to show up this morning (we won’t even get into the whole I pretend to work and they pretend to pay me thing). I am thankful for this experience that is my life, and that I am able to reconnect with my Israeli roots while maintaining connections with my home in Cali. I do wish I was eating turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, but I am also grateful for what I do have.

 Okay, enough philosophising. Happy turkey day!

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I, am a Writer.


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An Ode to the Mall

I absolutely, without a doubt, totally and completely hate malls. They are gargantuan buildings whose sole purpose is to overwhelm you with loud music and flashy clothes, then zap you of all energy and completely depress you until you are so desperate to escape that you will buy anything just to feel good enough about the waste of life time you’ve spent there to leave.

I dislike trendy stuff as a general rule – and Israeli trendy stuff is even worse. People are so desperate to fit in that everything looks the same and costs too much because they will pay anything to feel cool. Women shove by without even the pretense of politeness and I can literally feel the energy and happiness fleeing my body and the building as fast as possible.

I abhor this place.

And I didn’t even find boots.

I had better not get any fatter or skinnier because I don’t ever want to go shopping again. And while I’m at it, I’ll stop walking so I don’t wear out the shoes I do have. F— it, I’ll go live on a beach where all I’ll need is a bathing suit for the rest of my life. I’ll never wear shoes again, let alone boots because I won’t need anything between the bare soles of my feet and the sand. Consumerism is the end of humanity and I, for one, am boycotting.

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Gay Pride, Jerusalem style

I went to WorldPride Jerusalem 2006 on Friday. I wrote about it, too. And it will be published.


It’s an e-zine, young and liberal. I’ll post the link when it goes up.

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2 great things!

1. I got a package, I got a package, I got a package, hey hey hey hey! complete with slippers, beer mug, a sweatshirt, and candy to keep me warm. My mom is the best ever!

 2. The heaters got turned on! It has really turned into winter, and the cold makes for one unhappy Mika. So you can imagine my joy when I realized that my heater was on.

In many apartment buildings around here, there is something called the Vaad Bayit, who is like the building manager – they collect payments for the stairwell cleaning, elevator operation, and… turning the heating on and off. Primitive as it sounds, I do not have control over the heater in my room or anywhere else in the apartment, for that matter. I am experiencing extreme joy at the sudden operation of my heater, as if a gift from above.

ok actually, 3 great things. The third:

Krembo. This sweet Israeli concoction of marshmallow-y goodness combined with a soft cookie, all dipped in a chocolate shell, is a winter-only treat that I have just discovered and immediately fell in love with. In 23 years of Israeli citizenship, I was never introduced to this, and I place direct blame on all my cousins and childhood friends on the kibbutz. I got upset with my mom initially, since she is the primary Israeli in my life and as such, it is her duty to expose me to such things, but then I realized that a) mothers don’t generally condone such extreme sweet treats for their children, so she probably just counted herself lucky that I didn’t know well enough to ask for it, and b) she didn’t like Krembo, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t give me something she herself doesn’t like the taste of. I had a brief moment of mourning for all the years of Krembo-induced sugar highs I missed out on, and have moved on to taking advantage of the ready availability and affordability of my new favorite part of winter.

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