I made a new friend today!

… at my new gym. I was wearing my Cal Poly Lacrosse shirt, and this guy was like, Do you go to Cal Poly? Which is kind of a silly question, considering we were in a gym in downtown Jerusalem – that would be one helluva commute. But it was cool and yet kind of random. We talked about the gentrification that the East Bay went/is going through. Well, I didn’t use the word gentrification. I didn’t want to betray my nerdly tendencies just yet. And he’s not old OR religious. And his friend was cute. This new gym is already more my kind of scene! Except that the machines are newer, so they adjust for the fact that you’re not exercising outside, so it’s harder. I don’t like that – it makes me feel like I’m totally out of shape, when that’s not the case. assholes. But in the end, I’ll just be more of a badass.

 In other news, I spoke with Turkey and the Netherlands today. And I called Russia, but they didn’t answer. This is why my job is rad.


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